Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are you ready for a tornado??

Well here in the lovely state of Oklahoma you should be! May 3,1999 made a lot of people think. What they thought would never happen, well it happened. Today as we watch the weather, we see the same kind of set ups.
We have been asked many times, what we take with us. And the answer is simple. Ourselves and our pets if we can catch them. No precious prized possessions?? nope. Because nothing is more prized than us being alive. Since tornadoes are different than hurricanes and stuff you normally have days to fill up your cars with things that you see as prized. I see water that will get brought to the cellar if we have time. Maybe a coloring books for the kids in case we are stuck for a little while. Yes we even have a weather radio thats down there. But when we run, we make sure we have shoes n our feet and a decent set of clothes on our backs(you may be wearing them for awhile lol) In our case I look around and I see STUFF. Replaceable stuff. Now don't get me wrong, I would HATE to lose my pictures. That would be hard to lose the pictures of my kids growing up. But in the event we run to the cellar, I can not grab a truck full of pictures, so I hope that maybe that will be something still sitting there when we come out. But the rest of its all just basic belongings. I have been decluttering for 6 years, and during that 6 years I realized, this is just things. My kids and hubby are first and foremost, we put our handicap dog in a cage and try to get her down there. And our 14 year old feral cat, if we can catch her. (yes leave the dog in the cage while down there LOL)
I want you all to take a good look around. What would you take? I wont chastise you for the I GOTTA HAVE THIS things. Believe me I understand. Even when I look around I would be sad to lose my stuff(I HATE replacing things...Ok I hate to shop.. FOR ANYTHING!) Im always curious about what and why things would be taken. :)

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