Thursday, March 12, 2009

My testimonial to Flylady

I sent a testimonial to Marla today. And she published it. Thought I would share it here.

Dear Marla and Pam,

THANK YOU! I finally got it! The conference on Saturday was the best! I came in, sat down, and the first thing I see is a tiara. hmmm.. Ok. I look at it and leave it sitting. I hear Up Kind of Day.. Ok.. And finally it starts.

Up on big screens, I see Marla telling a story. And I see a garage..O MY! It looks like mine! YES JUST LIKE MINE! I am NOT alone!! OK...Next Marla and Pam take the stage. I sat listening. And it made sense.. SO MUCH! I have received emails for 6 years. YES 6 YEARS! And I JUST GOT IT!

I am a born organizer. I freak if things are not in place. And yes perfectionism has been a word in my head since I was a kid. But I sat there listening and realized YES I do have a inner princess that's TIRED of cleaning all day long to make it perfect all the time. When Marla and Pam said put on our tiaras. I did do it with skepticism.

I'm like what's this thing gonna do for me and why am I putting on my head. Within minutes I knew. I was feeling young again. I was feeling like a princess. WOW. What a tiara can do for your mind. In a couple hours, I realized. All these emails. all the testimonials, EVEN listening on BTR(and calling to talk to Marla) NONE got through like that conference.

After waiting just to give Marla a hug to say thanks. And to tell Pam THANKS for helping me get my kids to help! I left feeling like a new woman. To come home. And it was like I forgot. House was no where near clean, kids were fighting and my husband sat with his head in his hands.(the things that happen when I leave a house) and I sighed. By the end of the night I was so grumpy. This is where that horn should have come in handy.

But I seriously cried. NOTHING was how I planned life was not perfect bills have the stress mounting. WAHHH WAHHH!! Fast forward to today. It's now Wednesday. I get a reminder that the Princess Party was being played on BTR!! WOW! I go in and Marla was there. And I asked Marla a huge question. And you know what she told me....STOP POUTING LIKE A 9 YEAR OLD! The nerve!

But But But(HOOOONKKKKKKK) ahhh the horn I needed all weekend and all this first part of the week.... IT WAS THERE! THAT HORN! She's right! I was pouting like a 9 year old who did not get their way. I was throwing a temper tantrum and giving the silent treatment. (yes both can be done at the same time) And I sat there and listened once again to the words of Pam and Marla.

Apologized to my hubby(and will the kids as soon as they are done with school) For being a brat. The words seemed so much better the second time around. The words of someone JUST LIKE ME! And I listened and laughed again. And realized once more, my inner princess just wants to play. And my routines will get me there. 6 years later. And the AH HA moment hit.

My tiara is on my head and grabbing the vacuum. My time on the computer is up!

Chris in Oklahoma


FlyLady here: I am so proud of Chris! When you know where the pouting is coming from; you can gentle love her into coming out of it.

I know I have been talking to Marla Kaye a lot since I got home. She really wants some almond M & Ms. If she drinks all her water today she may just get one! Two more bottles to go! LOL

By that time I would have forgotten about them. Isn't that all we really need to do is redirect ourselves! This is why being sidetracked is an asset; out of sight out of mind.

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