Sunday, August 05, 2012

Oklahoma Burning

While Im sitting in my home.. and safe.. I watch the news to see fires everywhere. Some are not that far away. I feel sorry for the people who lost everything. The fire fighters who are working in this heat. Its been 103-113 these past weeks. I complain about this heat constantly. I HATE being hot. But I cant imagine how it feels to the fire fighters. Or the people standing out watching and waiting to see if they will have a home to go to. Yesterday we went and bought 5 cases of water and donated them to the fire fighters. Today Im looking around my house and seeing all the STUFF we have. Im thankful we are not in danger. But ya know.. I have a lot. We may be broke most days. but over the years.. well lets just say I have plenty to share. I donate all the time. But a lot of the times its just.. throwing stuff out to somewhere that will sell it. Now while some of that stuffs profits benefit others.. Its not enough. So today.. I am going through and bagging up clothing, household stuff.. toys.. things I do not need so much of. and donating it to people who have nothing. I have a online friend who has got to be one of the sweetest people. She lost her home to a fire a couple years back. And it hurt to read. And then you also see her joy. People came and donated clothing etc. Because they had nothing but the clothes on their backs. And she was sooo thankful. I always seem to go through my closets and cabinets when a disaster happens. Tornadoes and wildfires are our biggest problems here. I encourage everyone to go through your belongings. Do you really need 50 different shirts?? I am going to donate a ton of stuff. Because, Im also thinking about , what if something happened here?? And you have minutes to get stuff and get out. Do I want to spend all that time SEARCHING through all the non needed to find the stuff I really dont want to lose? No I dont. I want to live simply. I live in a house that was built long ago. My closet is small. I added a extra bar in it. because we cant fit all our clothes in there.. And now I look at it, ya know way back when that closet fit all the clothes and had tons of room to spare. While I have it stuffed so full and I dont wear half of it.
Today.. Im going to find a way to live a lot more simply than before. And in the process feel good because I am going to help people who dont have anything at all.

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